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Inspiration EVP

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The Inspiration EVP

The Inspiration EVP Closed-Circuit Rebreather is a hybrid unit offering advantages from both stable-mates. It features the longer duration scrubber of the XPD and the smaller cylinders (and therefore unit size) of the EVO. The Inspiration EVP is a very popular model - sport or technical, travel or expedition - it is an excellent all-rounder for divers who do a mix of dives or who want a smaller unit than the XPD while retaining its extended duration.

  • Scrubber Size – 2.5kg
  • Cylinder Size – 2 x 2 litres
  • Ready-to-dive weight – 27.5kg

The Inspiration EVP is supplied complete with:

  • The AP Vision dual oxygen controller package with wrist-mounted handset and Head-Up Display (HUD)
  • Choice of Counterlungs – Over-the-Shoulder or Back Mounted
  • Cylinders, Hoses, First Stages and Case parts
  • Contents Guages, Audible Alarm and Manual Inflators
  • Integrated Weight Harness with thru-the-leg straps
  • 16kg Buoyancy Control Wing with Auto Air  - OC bailout valve
  • PC Download & Logviewer Software


All AP rebreathers are ready-to-dive with the above standard features but you can go further and spec your own unit – with multiple options and upgrades - to suit your personal preference and dive goals. See the Configurator link below.

Software Upgrade Options 

  • All AP rebreathers come with Dive Timer as standard. Upgrade to integrated Deco software – Nitrox or Trimix
  • AP Divestore with AP Projection Diveplanner software 

Hardware Options and Upgrades 

  • ADV – Auto Diluent Valve (with or without a Flowstop isolator)
  • Scrubber Life Monitor – Tempstick
  • OCB – Open Circuit Bailout Mouthpiece
  • CO2 Sensor
  • Over-the-Shoulder or Back Mounted Counterlungs
  • 22kg Wing (Inspiration XPD only)
  • 0.4 litre emergency mini-cylinder
  • Rebreather Lifting Bar
  • Gas Connector Systems
  • Black Cover